So what’s the new Cayenne like in the metal?

Well if you didn’t like the bluff and aggressive look of the old one there’s little hope that you’re going to think that this one is a beauty either.

New Porsche Cayenne revealed

That said, there’s no doubt that it looks sleeker, sportier and has much tidier and more tapered front and rear ends. And yes it’s a good deal more handsome and more sculptured than the outgoing model. But it’s still a big, bulky car.

Also, just like the new VW Touareg with which it shares a platform, Porsche has made impressive weight savings and engineers say that this has proved dividends in its off-road capability. Even though a lot of off-road hardware has been removed to save this weight.

The real benefit for most customers though is with the interior. With the Panamera saloon Porsche finally proved that it could do classy and luxurious, as well as durable, and the Cayenne continues the theme. In fact, there's now a lot of similarity between the SUV and the saloon. Quality, luxury, and comfort have all been pushed up several notches.