Apart from the lack of noise, which they are solving as you read this by all accounts, I’m enjoying F1 this year. There is proper racing going on all the way up and down the field, and the title chase between Hamilton and Rosberg looks like developing into a right old dust-up before the year is out.

So here’s some speculation about what might happen next year, just to put the cat slightly closer to the pigeons.

Scenario 1: Lewis Hamilton wins the championship for Mercedes this year then decides he wants a fresh challenge and goes to Ferrari, but only if the Scuderia agrees to (a) hire Adrian Newey and (b) allow Fernando Alonso to leave and drive for Mercedes alongside Rosberg.

Scenario 2: Nico Rosberg wins the championship, Lewis Hamilton gets the hump and tries to (a) persuade Red Bull to take him instead of Daniel Ricciardo or (b) tries to persuade Ferrari to take him instead of Kimi Räikkönen.