Everyone seems to worship at the shrine of Enzo Ferrari, whereas cars designed by a bloke called Colin are regarded less than reverentially sometimes.

That is outrageous, because when it comes to racing heritage, I’d argue that Lotus has a more illustrious and innovative one than Ferrari. When it comes to the plastic bodies, they are no less beautiful and a lot less rusty than the Italian ones (early Ferrari 308s excepted, of course).

We can all agree that company founder Colin Chapman's unique way of using customers as development engineers wasn’t perfect, but the problem has been not so much shoddily built Lotuses as badly looked after examples.

The fact remains, you should want a Lotus because they're brilliant, and here are a few of my later-generation favourites. Which ones do you adore?

Lotus Esprit Turbo

The first British supercar? That would have to be the Esprit Turbo. A second-generation Turbo model from 1987 did 163mph and 0-60mph in 5.3sec. Two years later, though, came the SE, which had 264bhp and cut that 0-60 figure down to just 4.7sec. Golly.

Lotus Esprit S4