So the world's worst kept secret is out. Ford has finlly disposed of Jaguar and Land Rover and the Indian based Tata Group has stumped up nigh on a billion quid for the UK car industry's crown jewels.

Whether Ford was right to sell when Land Rover is super profitable and Jag is on the brink of a bounce back is now academic. What really matters is whether Indian billionaire Ratan Tata will be a good custodian of the company.

We think that the answer's yes. Tata's business model appears to be a light hand on the tiller and provide the right investment. We know that JLR now has excellent management, makes world class cars and has the engineering capability to keep them coming. And it appears that Ratan is prepared to fund an unprecedented rash of new cars for both brands.

In short there's nothing to be afraid of. Tata will change JLR. But I predict it will be for the better.