Cadillac has apparently confirmed production of the Converj concept, a good-looking upmarket coupe powered by GM’s range-extender Voltec system.

It’s no secret that the forthcoming Vauxhall Ampera is a reskinned Chevrolet Volt and the Converj uses the same Global Compact Vehicle platform.

This got me thinking about the possibility of European coupe version of the Volt, well hybrid Calibra replacements to be exact. Of course, the Converj could make it to the UK, although, as with the Volt becoming the Ampera, a more European version is likely to sell substantially more.

Cadillac Converj planned

Speaking to a source at Vauxhall he said that there are no plans for a sporting version for Europe at present, but admitted “the tech can be applied to any vehicle with the Global Compact Vehicle platform so there is no reason why not”.

In my opinion the Ampera is a great-looking car, with crisp, modern styling, and a world away from the Volt, which is much more to American taste. A coupe version, with the Converj’s 273lb ft of torque, 120 kW of power and a 100mph top speed, could be a winner as long as the cost is sensible.