On Thursday, German government sources were spinning a story about the long, drawn-out, sale of Opel/Vauxhall. It told Bloomberg that GM ‘resistance’ to a deal that would see Magna take the company over ‘was crumbling’.

The German government is very keen to see Opel – which has been propped up with 1.5bn Euros in state ‘bridge funding’ – sold to a consortium led by Canadian automotive company Magna. Magna, however, is also heavily backed by a Russian interests, including Sberbank.

General Motors, however, is not very keen to see Opel/Vauxhall and all the company’s newest technology sold away to predominately Russian interests.

It would probably prefer to sell Opel to RHJI, a Belgian based investment company. Some say this is because GM would like to buy Opel back at a later date.

This afternoon GM Group vice president John Smith made it quite clear in a blog that a sale to Magna is still facing huge hurdles.