Of course not, but this is apparently what we’re going to get from the new Ferrari Enzo – which may or may not be called the F70 – when it screams on to our streets sometime before the end of this year.

This frankly mental power output is Ferrari’s direct response to the potential pace of the Porsche 918, according to Maranello’s CEO Amedeo Felisa. Which is a bit odd considering he told us at Autocar not 18 months ago that, “Top speed is not important to us anymore. It doesn’t mean anything, we will leave that to other people from now on."

So what’s happened in the interim, you wonder? Has Ferrari’s position as maker of the world’s fastest, most desirable cars been undermined so badly that it feels it has to make a statement such as this? Ferrari’s ultimate road car will, we’re told, be powered by a modified version of the new 7.3-litre V12 that’s due to appear in the successor to the 599. Except in this case it’ll be aided by a KERS system that will hike maximum power to 920bhp, albeit in short bursts.

On the one hand, you can’t help but think; is this really and honestly necessary? On the other, and as an unashamed car nut, you can’t also help but think; yes please, and when can I have a look at one? Or, better still, have a go in it?