I wouldn’t blame you for taking one look at pictures of GM’s family of EN-V concept cars and dismissing them out of hand.

On first acquaintance they must look odd: strangely upright and wantonly weird. And when you read that, underneath it all, they’re not much more than glorified Segway scooters – well, let’s just say I’m looking forward to those first few blog comments.

GM EN-V revealed

And yet I’m going to stick my neck out anyway. Having seen the EN-V triplets first hand this week in Shanghai, I’ll admit to being seriously taken with them. Not as enthusiast machinery, or even the most original conceptions there has ever been, granted - but as pragmatic, well thought out answers to an important and pressing question: how does the car adapt to suit the 21st century cityscape?

These aren’t your average show cars, after all. Today I sat and watched as one of them drove around a stage entirely on its own, balancing on two wheels, and deftly juggling its mass forwards and backwards all the while as it stopped, started, cornered and span in perfect 360 degree pirouettes.