It’s been more than 30 years since a Morris was advertised on telly, but right now there’s one being advertised again.

Well, sort of. Watch the so-called domino ad for the latest new Mini, and the opening shot will present you with a full-frontal view of a ‘59 Mk1, complete with Morris bonnet logo.

It’s the first Mini in a domino chain of them, each resting on its rear-end until the Morris’s front wheels fall on the roof of the next car to trigger a sequential tumble of 55 years' worth of Mini history in a multi-story car park. It’s a striking ad, and pleasing evidence of BMW’s renewed enthusiasm for linking today’s Mini to the Issigonis original. 

And what was the last Morris to be advertised on TV, you may (or may not) be wondering? The 1981 Morris Ital, a facelift of the ancient Marina performed by fabled design house ItalDesign. Outside whose premises the new Ital was filmed circling a Maserati Merak - also by Giorgetto Giugiaro - before oozing past a Mercedes 200 on the Autostrada. This exceptionally pedestrian W123 Benz was the only premium model that the Morris could overhaul on its breathless thrash to 60mph.

ItalDesign was apparently not amused by the ad, despite the Ital being their handiwork.