Yesterday I went for a drive. It was one of those drives with no destination, no practical purpose and one that many would consider completely pointless. I went for a drive purely to drive.

There’s no point explaining why I enjoy driving, because here on, it’s probably safe to assume you also enjoy driving, or that you’re at least slightly fond of some part of it. What I will do is explain why I have enjoyed driving my old Porsche 944 cabriolet so much, before opening the floor to you so you can explain what you drive and why. After all, we all love talking about what we drive, don’t we?

So, my 944. It’s red - well, one or two panels are a little pink now - it’s 27 years old and has covered only 46,796 miles in that time. I co-own it with my dad and have spent the past 48 hours soaking up every minute of sunshine possible from behind its wheel. It’s got a squeak here and there and the stereo’s rubbish, but as a driver's car, I think it’s brilliant.

The 944 is famous for having a near perfect 50:50 weight distribution thanks to its front-engine, transaxle layout. Admittedly, the convertible version’s weight distribution is slightly hampered with its folding roof mechanism, but even the cabriolet is still an excellently balanced machine.