You may be delighted to learn that my Land Rover was returned the other day with a new clutch. My garage is still compiling the bill as I write this.

Unfortunately, dismantling most of the floor, ripping out the seats and disconnecting the engine just to get at the clutch shape blighter is all part of the fun. So the bill is going to be a biggie.

I don’t care, though, not least because it is the first clutch the old girl has eaten in 26 years, which is utterly remarkable. Also, this is a vehicle that will be with me until fossil fuels run out - or I do.

Yes, the Landie is a keeper, indeed it is so much of a keeper that I’m planning to retro-fit air con into her, but that’s a story for another blog….

The point I am making this week is that of the current crop of motors, which ones would you buy, cherish and hold onto it for the rest of your time?

I’m not talking about Astons or Ferraris or any other really obvious ones, but the everyday motors that you would be proud to keep.

Oddly the BMW Mini, which I really don’t like very much, will probably become a keeper for quite a few owners who paid their own hard-earned for it. Especially with those Union Jack roofs and all that.