Putting a million miles under your tyres is easy, as long as you are kind to your car and most important of all, you own the right car.

A few years back a traveling salesman, Peter Gilbert, was able to put 1,001,385 miles in his 1989 Saab 900. He then donated it to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum after Saab verified the mileage.

All he did was regularly service the car, change the tyres every 45,000 miles and rebuild the gearbox at 200,000 miles. The Saab even survived eight head-on collisions with errant deers. Not surprisingly, Gilbert replace his faithful old Saab, with another one that had rather less than 1m miles on the clock.

This got me thinking – which cars could you buy and rely on to be around when their odometers click onto 1,000,000? It took Gilbert 17 years to pile on those miles, so which cars could we be driving in 2031? Here are my predictions:

Toyota Landcruiser

If it came down to the survival of the fittest, then you can’t buy better than the utterly indestructible Landcruiser. When the going gets rough over the coming decades, as it certainly will, with road repair budgets cut to the absolute minimum, then the Landcruiser can certainly cope. Plus there is bags of room inside for the whole family, the dogs and all their rubbish. This is an off-roader which can cope with the very long haul.