Exciting news – Citroën has unveiled the Citroën DS3 Racing S. Loeb limited edition road car.

For fans of the World Rally Championship, Sébastien Loeb will need no introduction, but if you’ve never felt the pull of the mud-splattered stage, this extraordinary Frenchman has won eight world titles at the wheel of various fire-breathing Citroën, smashing win records and Finnish egos along the way.

So how has Citroën seen fit to honour his achievements? With a car that invokes thoughts of his rally success by offering uprated performance, or which at least draws some styling cues from the quasi DS3 that he competes in?

Erm, no. They fitted an uprated sat-nav system (presumably as a nod to his equally successful but otherwise not namechecked co-driver, Daniel Elena), painted it matt black and put some decals on the car. Oh, and they’ve asked Loeb to personally sign all 200 of them.

Ilike to think that the accompanying photo above gives a few clues as to Loeb’s real thoughts on this bit of marketing.

Or perhaps he’s just daydreaming about a Tommi Mäkinen edition Mitsubishi Lancer, or one of the rally-bred special edition Subaru Imprezas, such as the UK 300, WR1 or RB 320...