It is supposed to rain tomorrow. There will be quite a lot of it, according to the weather girl this morning. That means it is a great time to go and get your convertible, before British summertime arrives.

That’s usually the theory anyway. Maybe it is the laziest used car cliche ever to say that prices of convertibles rise with the temperature, but it is true.


I was with a Jaguar specialist the other day and he pointed to a very tidy MG TF that he had lurking around the back. “Bought that in December and, if it had been anything else, I would be really worried that it had become a monument and that I’d never get me money back.”

Then his face went from semi serious to broad grin. “But we know that within weeks it will be gone. And don’t even think about making an offer, because we don’t have to discount a car like that. It will sell.”