If you like taking a tyre-kicking walk through rows of old cars, it’s hard to beat some of the classics-on-the-common style events that take place through Britain’s summer.

Last week I went to an event in Harpenden, whose sunny town lawns hosted no less than 1200 classics beneath a sun that bordered on the sweltering.

You do, of course, see many cars that you have seen before, from roofless MGs to hot 1970s Fords, but you’re equally likely to see real rarities too.

There were two Iso Grifos, for instance, these Giugiaro-designed, Corvette-engined 1960s coupés among the most handsome of the decade, more handsome than the competing Lamborghini 400 GT that was also present.

There was a Vauxhall Monaro that had been rebodied as a two-door, befinned 1950s Vauxhall Cresta - an amazing piece of home-engineering - and a beautifully restored Vauxhall Chevanne. If you’re wondering what that is, it was a commercial version of the Griffin’s 1970s Chevette, and the cost of reconditioning it must massively outweigh its value.

And if you like Ferraris, there was a whole red cluster of them in one corner, including a concours F50, the prancing horse seemingly good enough to gain admission from moderns like the 599 GTB, which seems a bit partisan of the organisers.