In the mag recently I wrote about a puncture I got in the 1M which required a visit to my local Kwikfit – who’s instant reaction was to say; ‘sorry guv, can’t fix that, it’s a runflat.’

In the end, once I’d told them that the 1M isn’t fitted with runflats, they whipped the nail out of the tread, performed a five quid repair and that was that. I was on my way – whereas had the car indeed been fitted with a runflat it would have cost around £350. Or so I thought.

It has been brought to my attention, however, that quite a few BMW owners who have suffered minor punctures with runflat tyres have been told this exact same advice by their local tyre fitter – and yet Bridgestone now reckons that, provided the tyres are ‘run in accordance with instructions when punctured,’ they can be repaired, just as conventional tyres can, so long they haven’t been run at high speed with an unusually large load, or for a long period of time.