In the world of cars it is easy to skim over the never-ending developments in technology. But every so often something stands out, and today it is Infiniti’s self-healing paint. Self-healing paint? It's been around for a while but no matter how many times you hear these words it still sounds like a feature on Tomorrow’s World. 57832-c-inf  This paint is not even an expensive option, it is now standard on all Infinitis and was first wheeled out by the firm in October. But it always manages to spark the imagination, conjuring up images of the car self-repairing itself while you sleep. The reality is not so different. ”Scratch Shield” paint is a Nissan product and uses a highly elastic resin that has been combined with conventional clearcoat to make the surface flexible. The best bit? When the car heats up in moderate sunshine all those little tiny scratches, like the ones from your fingernails around the door handles, disappear. According to Infiniti a three-year-old car has the same paintwork as one that has just rolled off the production line. No matter how important advances in traction control or sat nav systems may be, you really can’t beat some trick paintwork. The only problem for Infiniti is that they need to keep coming up with innovations like this because if your G37 looks as good as new after three years of ownership maybe there’s no point in trading it in for a new one.