Compiling my legendary 'I couldn’t help noticing' list for the back of the magazine the other day, I found myself picking motors that only their mothers (designers/engineers) could actually love. Well, them and me.

When the Vauxhall Signum was brand new it was not nearly as lovable as the Carlton, but it was huge, well equipped and destined to become very cheap. So I now like it, quite a lot.

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A few weeks back I went down a Talbot Tagora blind alley for some reason, and the Signum is another one of those big, dumb, inexplicable and unjustifiable cars.

I also like Vauxhall Cavalier era Saab 900s, because it really didn’t seem much like a Cav  and had more comfy seats and more buttons to play with.

At the microscopic end of things, I adore Daihatsus, and I always have done. Terios, Sirion and Cuore are all wonderful buzzy little things. What’s more, the Terios will actually skip over mud and slippery stuff. And the retro plastic chrome on the weirdly named Sirion  is, to me, a thing of quite odd beauty.