There are those people who appreciate cars as a mode of transport, and then there are those that appreciate them for being something to be marveled at. Minor miracles of engineering that can transform a bad day into a good one regardless of their objective merits.

The Mercedes E63 AMG wagon would make no sense to the former, which is one very good reason why I like it so much. It is, after all, an estate car. A vehicle designed to fit into many varied lifestyles with minimal fuss and drama. So why not stick a 6.2-litre, 518bhp V8 under the bonnet and transform it into something that can do all the essential estate-like things and then transport you home from the tip sideways with your tyres on fire? Makes perfect sense to me.

In fact, even disregarding the many childish reasons for wanting one of these (all of which proudly top my list) the E63 is one of the best Mercedes’ we’ve seen for a long time. It offers that special blend of being calming transport home when you want it to be, and then utterly unhinged at the press of a button. And none of it feels fake. Even in its most sedate setting there is a keenness to its controls and an eagerness from the naturally aspirated motor that keeps you aware that it’s no average daily commuter. There’s none of the artificial weightiness to the steering, or over-complicated electronic veils between you and the mechanics of the vehicle. It’s simply a stonkingly fast, brilliantly balanced supercar wearing practical clothes.  It's not just questionable whether this car makes sense in the delicate conditions of today's industry as the more sensible, lower powered variants of the E-Class do. It doesn't. It's expensive, thirsty and entirely unnecessary. Which makes the E63 the reserve of enthusiasts only, and if you’re reading this, the chances are that you know what it feels like to be proud of that. The E63 wagon is brilliantly absurd and endlessly rewarding at the same time. I want one, and it’s easily my car of the year.