Part 1.

Lotus sends out a press release, accompanied by a Spinal Tap-style image of Stone Henge at sunset, that reads: “As peace-loving druids gather to witness the magic of the annual Summer Solstice at one of the UK's most symbolic landmarks, prepare yourself to witness the dawning of a new era for Lotus. Your journey begins here and now on the longest day of the year, exactly 100 days before the 2010 Paris Motor Show where Lotus is set to unveil the future evolution of an iconic British brand.”

Part 2.It confirms, seemingly with some pride, that it is firing its entire dealer network, stating that it will be moving up market and charging around £100k a pop for its cars in future.

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Part 3It sends out a further press release yesterday entitled “Equations by Lotus” in which we are greeted by the not-especially-cryptic images of a crown plus a horse plus a Lotus Evora – which apparently adds up to the 2010 Asprey World Class Cup.

The first line of the release reads; “What is it they say about polo? Among equestrian sports, polo has no equal. Your connection is immediate. Your experience is unforgettable. We feel the same way about the Lotus Evora. And what better way for Lotus to celebrate the height of the British summer than with a jolly good polo match?”