Jaguar launched the E-type at the Geneva motorshow in 1961. To mark the 50th Anniversary Jag has brought a fleet of E-Types back to exactly the same location.

Among the amazing line-up of very expensive and historic Es – including several lightweight cars - I was actually most impressed by the Series 1 3.8-litre I had a brief go in. Not because the car had a particularly glitzy provenance, but because its owner – who kindly lent the car to Jag for the event – bought it as something to be used regularly. Six years ago, having decided to take a career break, he bought the car, had it shipped to the US, and drove it from Chicago to LA. He now regularly uses it both in the UK and for European jaunts. 

Personally that seems to me exactly what classic cars should be bought for – to be looked after, but also used and enjoyed.