I reckon that, on average, I see the aftermath of a collision involving a foreign-registered lorry about once a week.

Most of these are of the "I didn't see him" variety, meaning a predictable trail of destruction.

First there'll be a police patrol or Highways Agency Shogun strobing in the hard shoulder, then the wayward lorry (inevitably looking completely undamaged) and then, either near it or under it, the remains of whichever unfortunate van or car it's side-swiped.

So the fact that a committee of MPs are urging a crackdown on badly maintained and over-hours foreign lorries is undoubtedly a good thing, although the obvious question is why it's taken us so long to get here.

This is hardly a big surprise: a previous report published earlier this year reckoned that foreign drivers are eight times more likely to be involved in a serious crash than their UK counterparts.

Every day, tens of thousands of European registered lorries rumble through our ports with unconverted headlights dipping the wrong way and without mirrors capable of seeing anything lurking in their blindspots.