Prodding around the A7 Sportback reveals that it does stand apart from both the A6 and A8.

Sit behind the wheel, for example, and you feel much more cocooned than in either of the other ‘big’ Audis. That wraparound dashboard line sits proud of a fascia that seems very compact. And the two distinct bonnet creases look terrific as they disappear over the nose.

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Keep the front seats in the same position and slip into the rear and it’s comfortable enough. Clever curves in the roof mean that although the back of my head just about touches the lining, I can still sit upright. And there are no worries on knee, leg or shoulder room.

It’s not quite as airy as a BMW 5-series GT’s cabin, then, but as an interior/exterior package, the A7 Sportback looks better resolved. I can see how this will become a lifestyle choice for A6 and A8 buyers.

And given its nomenclature, that probably means it’s about to fulfil its brief.