In this week’s Autocar magazine, we revealed the results of our Hot Hatch 2020 Design Competition.

The winner was Minwoo Hwang and part of his prize was spending the week at Ford’s Dunton Technical Centre in Essex, where I caught up with him, helping sculpt his design out of clay.

Minwoo’s design provided Ford’s model makers Brad and Jamie with an interesting challenge. The modellers usually get their hands on a model when it is already nearly complete as milling machines carry out the majority of the initial sculpting. But Minwoo’s design was on paper, so Brad and Jamie had to revert back to the ‘good old days’ and sculpt the design by hand – all under Minwoo’s watchful eye.

Minwoo spent a month refining his design and chose to enter the competition as a project for the automotive side of his transport design degree at Coventry University.

He included some evolutions of Ford’s traditional design traits – such as the trapezoid grille and front lights – while other design features were unique to his design, such as the belt line which kicks down towards the rear, rather than up as is the norm on Ford’s production models.