Being part of the media doesn’t protect you from being shocked at times about the things other media publish.

I’m talking specifically about some of the adverse comment that has been swirling around over whether Jaguar Land Rover 'deserves' what some hacks insist on calling 'a bailout' from the government, once its Indian-based owner, Tata Motors, has contributed as much as it can from its own coffers.

The arguments from the “undeserving” side seem to be that JLR is no more significant in the country than Woolworths of MFI. Neither sold what the customer wanted; neither is to be rescued. What is more, JLR makes so-called gas-guzzlers that society has decided, more or less overnight, that it no longer needs, so who cares if it hits the wall?

There was even the risible suggestion from one Sunday newspaper columnist — a leftie lady who (I’ve often noted) seems to enjoy formulating strident comments without the benefit of the facts — that instead of ‘propping up’ the manufacture of Jaguars and Land Rovers, any available government money could be spent teaching Midlands car workers how to make green cars.

This breathtaking drivel shows such a complete lack of understanding of the industrial process — any industrial process — that the page it was printed on deserves promptly to be torn up, screwed up, stamped on, burned, buried or all of these