As you’ve probably noticed it’s the Jaguar E-Type’s Birthday. A frisky 50 years old, it has quite frankly never looked better. Hardly surprising then that it has been voted by online visitors to the Silverstone Classic as the UK’s favourite sports car.

Just a bit predictable though? Pretty certainly and there are two I see on a regular basis. A neighbour has a drophead, which is truly beautiful, plus my local garage has a fixed head next to the MOT bay, which is very, very nice.

Is it a full on sports car? The lovely Lightweight certainly is, but surely it is a tad more of a GT? I could be wrong.

I’d give the vote to any Lotus, especially a Seven and also an Elan, which happens to be beautiful as well as handling like a dream. The Morgan I do love, though it is a bit heritage. I even have time for an MGB, but only if it is Sebring styley…

So here’s the list in full and it was a decent cross section as 3000 voted, but what do you make of it?