Location matters, and I’m lucky enough to live near enough to an ex-Citroën dealer to seriously consider a CX or XM of my very own.

It is a terrifying thought that the only big French cars I’d like to own are so old and complicated, though. So I started to wonder: if I really wanted a Le Barge, shouldn’t I consider something less ancient? The thing is, there isn’t an awful lot of available choice. But still…

The Peugeot 607 is a handsome beast. Available from 2000, it offers a mix of petrol engines that no sane person would buy and diesels that everyone wants. The 110bhp diesel struggles, and there is a whole boring list of engines and trim levels that came and went, as well as a minor facelift in 2004, but all you really need to know is what’s actually out there and how much.

Prices seem to start at about £1000, and there can be advertised issues if the seller is honest. Petrol and diesel 2.2s and the HDi V6 ought to be the sensible picks.

The entry S spec seems to dominate, indicating old company cars, and if the mileage is suitably huge, it could have served time as a minicab. Spend £2500 and you get the big-spec 2005 examples. That may seem quite a lot, but not if it all works. Top money is up to £4000 for a lowish-mileage, few-owner SE or Executive.