Wheel out the cake and party poppers: Autocar is 120 years old this month - so it's time for a trip down memory lane to sample a vehicle almost as old as the magazine.

It's actually a bit of a belated birthday celebration as this publication reached the golden 1-2-0 on Monday 2 November. Autocar was founded by William Iliffe and Henry Sturmey back in 1895, after someone brought a new-fangled horseless carriage to their offices. Iliffe’s family owned a printing company while Sturmey was editor for The Cyclist magazine. The former was looking to produce a new magazine, so asked the latter if he thought cars had a future. After getting yes as an answer, Iliffe exclaimed: “Then we will bring out a paper about them… tomorrow!”

The first issue may have only had 12 pages of editorial but it proved to be an instant success, even with a sub-24 hour deadline. By 1896 the first road test had been completed, while the 1920s saw these reviews become more structured, turning into the test we know today. Road test number one didn’t come about until 1928, but we are now on 5241 - and counting.