I was amused to learn and even observe that a Chinese Businessman was so cheesed off with the service he received from his local Lamborghini dealer that he paid a bunch of people in blue overalls to bash up his Gallardo.

With a sledgehammer.

Actually if you look at the video on You Tube their heart doesn’t really seem to be in it. Well, it is a fairly extreme thing to do so even if you were paid to do it and for auto sensitive souls like us it would be difficult.

However, there will be motors that might be improved by the light impact of a heavy hammer and most of Ssangyong’s spring to mind. Certainly there must be some cars in your present or past you would like to cause severe damage to.

Mine was a bright blue Princess I bought for a friend and failed to proceed all too soon after I bought it. That meant I had to go and buy an Allegro. I got my own back on the Princess because I sold to a car trader who used them for banger racing.

So this weekend lets all don blue overalls, a hard hat and some goggles and then bash up what exactly?