16 May 2016
Will it drift?

We’ve got an answer to a question none of you asked for: can the Nissan Leaf be made to drift?

With its front-wheel-drive layout and all-electric powertrain, it's fair to say the Leaf is an unlikely candidate for going sideways.

But that doesn’t stop Autocar’s Matt Prior trying his hardest to maintain a proper slide on track. The results are surprisingly impressive…

Nissan Leaf long-term test review: bigger battery, better car?

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david RS 17 May 2016

What interest ?

What interest ?
LP in Brighton 16 May 2016

But would you want to?

Surely the Nissan Leaf is all about driving efficiently, quietly, sensibly. Who cares whether it will go sideways or not?
But not Autocar, who's main concern seems to be how much noise and attention you can create, how much fuel, tyres and brake pads you can consume, and whether your chosen wheels can excite. Surely it's horses for courses, and I'd rather know whether the Leaf is actually a useful mode of transport rather than a good source of entertainment for a joyrider.
Mondeal 16 May 2016

LP Sorry, I have to disagree.

LP Sorry, I have to disagree.

Both this and the article last year of Steve Cropley entering the Renault Zoe into a hill climb are clearly not the respective cars raison d'etre , but it is great PR to show they are not just dull boring cars.

Scratch 16 May 2016

Plastic tyres

No, @LP, in the real world, you wouldn't want to. Neither would you a herse, taxi, or any other thing that Autocar have drifted in the past. Anyway, the Leaf had plastic rear tyres specifically for the occasion, to make it unstable. What a great bit of low speed fun. Have a test drive in a Leaf, for first hand experience of real world, perhaps let us know how you got on in a forum post.