27 June 2014

The new £125,000, 591bhp Nissan GT-R Nismo possesses the kind of performance that can fry your mind. Steve Sutcliffe drives it on road and race track to determine whether this extra-special Godzilla is worth the additional cash.


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Vimeous 30 June 2014

ahhh ... erm

I assume this is the same Nismo that Chris Hoy burried in a 5-deep haybale wall on the Goodwood hillclimb.
A monster indeed!
Great vid Steve
aan91 29 June 2014


nice cars
Peter Cavellini 29 June 2014

OH my!

So it isn't exactly a looker,so it's not your ideal everyday car,well,name me something else for the money that kicks it's backside?.