2 March 2014

The Mini Paceman JCW packs a 215bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged engine and four-wheel drive. But at nearly £30,000, it is priced identically to the brilliant BMW M135i. The question is, can the Mini's go-kart handling justify its price tag?

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TBC 11 May 2013


The purchase of either of these cars is going to be a subjective one. I would also assume that BMW are fully aware that the owner demograph for both are poles apart, as no doubt Steve is fully aware. It all comes down to three things, as have been pointed out on previous posts: aesthetics, image & badge.

Craig Foster 15 April 2013

  If find that often my


If find that often my opinion of a cars looks are influenced by how good it's price/performance(value) ratio is.  I believe the BMW is underpriced for what it offers so I think it looks great.  I believe the Dacia Duster is underpriced so.........etc etc  Mini is an overpriced fashion accessory so ugly.  Pretty convenient.


Ray60 30 April 2013

"Like a house extension?,or

"Like a house extension?,or maybe a luxury holiday?,come on, just because you don't like them, maybe you like room in your car?, four doors for instance?, if these two cars don;t float your boat, then......don't critise what others might like, be impartial if you must."

In all honesty, I struggle to understand what you're blabbering on about, but why can't I criticise something if I don't like it? Should I hold in my negative opinions on this ghastly BMW? Well, tough. I'm not going to. It's a hideous, revolting car and I'd go to great lengths to avoid one. The 1-Series, like the rest of BMW's current range, is ghastly.

Peter Cavellini 15 April 2013

Told YA!!!!!


See, my survey was right,Mini's are bought for fashions sake,BMW's are bought because they are perceived as good cars,hold there value well,and contrary to opinion,a good steer!