28 March 2013

The new Aston Martin Vanquish is a real delight, but how does it fare against the brutal original. Has time been kind to the old car? Can its charms compete with the brillance of the new car? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

Read about the updated Aston Martin Vanquish here

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eseaton 12 April 2013

Surprised to say I really

Surprised to say I really rather like the new Vanquish, and I say that as someone who has terrible trouble with the 'all look the same' thing. 


But dear me, I hope that current interiors don't age like the old ones.  And that is nothing compared to the DB7.  Autocar describes the car as 'breathtakingly beautiful' (which I really can't see) but please don't look inside unless you have to...



MikeSpencer 8 April 2013

Vanquish Mk 1 now looking old

Sad to see the old Vanquish looking this dated. The exterior is still OK I guess, but nowhere near as pretty as the new car. The inside? Well, you don't need reminding how dated that looked. Yes it's a twelve year old car now, but it looked every bit as old as that, perhaps more. I feel the contemporary Ferrari 550/570M Maranello has aged a lot better. It's cheaper to buy now too. Pistonheads show 550's between £36k-70k. Vanquishes range from £45k-£100k.  If I was looking at both cars then I'd go with the Ferrari. Also, when are we going to see a new Vanquish S model, if at all? The Ferrari F12's powertrain seems much more potent and spectacular than the one in the Vanquish, plus it can still do the GT thing if needs be - although perhaps not ultimately as well. There's no doubting this new Aston looks and sounds good, goes well enough, but somehow doesn't seem as thrilling as the Ferrari - from what I've read, at least.

derekcb 6 April 2013

The new Vanquish - best Aston Ever

The new Vanquish is in my view the best Aston ever ....period.

Yes it doesn't have the 8 speed  double clutch box and even the garmin infotainment centre is inferior to an upper end Nissan but this car is beautiful in the flesh and the tech is all there from the all carbon fibre panels to the supreme handling and the feisty new V12 which delivers the best sounding sonics of any production car to date. Oh and the B and O sound system is as good as you can get in terms of in car hi fi.

I totally disagree with Peter Cavellini who seems to diss Aston on every review he does - has this guy ever owned or ever driven one?? Surprised he hasn't lauded Ferrari as usual over Aston in his review LoL

Anyway the bottom line is this British GT is a truly superb piece of engineering art and I suspect will become a classic Aston

Biased ?  You bet ... I actually own one of these hand built beautys - have had it for a week and it is ..just ...BRILL and a real head turner - it is a better looking car than the F12 Berlinetta and that is some achievement

It is fast as *** and handles superbly, The interior is Aston at its best - in other words unsurpassable.

As for comfort - limousine like in normal handling ( you have three adaptive damper settings - normal, sport and track) and you can set the throttle and gearbox to Sport independently of the damper setting, which means you get all the sonics, rapid throttle and a ride quality akin to an Merc saloon

The final thing I should mention is that they hand build this beauty with your peronalisation as far as you want to go - mine is the heritage Pentland Green which is a sort of metallic British Racing Green with a Winter Wheat interior - it's stunning and is going to feature in the new Q brochure 

Viva Aston Martin !!