8 September 2014

Steve Sutcliffe is at the wheel of the all-new 471bhp Lexus RC F, a £60,000 rival for the likes of BMW's M3 and M4. Lexus engineers claim the car is just as capable on the track as it is on the road - are they right? We find out.

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9 September 2014
However for 60 large you will find Some tasty Mercs that do and offer an alt to the blue and white prop. Nice try for Lexus they need to be in this market, but we should wait and see if the 4 door brings new changes with it to better compete. O and for the saloon, Lexus move those exterior mirrors. They don't look right.

9 September 2014
Is it my imagination or does the RCF lurch as it enters a corner? Especially on a left hand bend I'm seeing the car take a set about the diagonal axis as the right front sinks and the left rear rises.

10 September 2014
Surely I can't be the only one thinking what that 5LTR V8 would be like in the GT86?? If Toyota had the b*lls to make it work and fit they would sell thousands world wide...aka new Supra???

11 September 2014
Deserves to be better,makes a nice noise,handling?,well,i wouldn't take my daily on a Track,all that strain on tyres,suspension,brakes, can't be good for the car,no,i like my car to be all things drive wise to me,cruise quietly when i want.pass a line of cars if the opportunity happens and so on,subjective i guess.

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