18 September 2014

We pit the sensational new 336bhp Porsche Cayman GTS against one of our favourite sports cars - the 375bhp Jaguar F-type V6 S coupé. Which will come out on top? Steve Sutcliffe decides.

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Citytiger 20 September 2014

Further proof

Pierre, I actually think it proves the Jaguar is the better all-round car, but the Porsche is the better track car, as I have said in an earlier post, we dont spend our lives on a track, and if you drove anywhere near the limits of these vehicles on public roads you deserve to be locked up, the Jaguar has bare far the nicer interior and thats where you spend most of your time, does it really matter if the steering is not quite as nice when you are on the limit, for 99% of the target audience, I would say probably not.
Peter Cavellini 20 September 2014



So,it's Horses for courses,you choose what you like,these two cars are close in many ways,but, in the end,you buy what you like,right?

Pierre 19 September 2014

Further proof?

Roadster, I think you're really saying that if Jaguar made a better car, it would be better.

It's hard to argue with that, but until they do, they have to be judged on what they do actually make, just as Porsche do, and it appears that Porsche make the better car.

Roadster 19 September 2014

Further proof that the F Type is the best car in its class.

The Cayman, in GTS guise, is regarded as Porsche's finest sports car. That the F-Type in a standard set-up has ran it so close and only just missed out here is testament to Jaguar's excellence and further proof of how brilliant the F-Type is. It also highlights the fact that the F-Type is by far the best car in its class on the basis that it has got closer to the Cayman than any 911 can ever hope to manage. Imagine if Jaguar produced an even more driver-orientated F-Type. It'd kick the likes of a 911 GT3 in to the middle of next week.