13 July 2017

The new Jaguar E-Pace has been revealed. Set to be Jaguar's biggest-selling car, it draws on styling influences from the Jaguar F-Pace and Jaguar F-Type, and is a rival for the likes of the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLAWatch our quick-fire video tour for a first look.

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14 July 2017
Look, I know many 'Tubers' feel the need to show the world and his wife what it's like to open a box and take out a laptop, tablet, steam iron....like I or anyone else gives a f@#& but please Autocar, don't slip into the use of stupidly fashionable phrases, like 'indepth unboxing' when talking about cars....unless you happen to be reviewing a diecast Corgi...and even then don't be tempted.

14 July 2017

Super is another over used fashion word,super fast super neat, super efficient, I'm sure there are other super super fashion phrases,but,hey, it's no biggy, just ignore,substitute your own word...!?

Peter Cavellini.

14 July 2017

Nice to know its just about big enough fo a 5 foot 6 person to sit behind another. I think it would look rather less accomodating with Mr Cropley trying to sit behind a similar sized driver. And as for suggesting Jaguar would let us have a Manual Petrol model, let alone 2............

14 July 2017

From some angles this just looks like a Hyundai iX35.  Not good at all.

Would rather have an X1 over this any day.  The styling of the current one is quite well proportioned, unlike the previous incarnation which was just hideous.

15 July 2017

Cant beleave autocar posted this. I had the video set to record it!!!!!!! should have put spoiler in the title!!!!!  

19 July 2017

Not sure what to make of this. it's shoulder line is too high making the wheels look small, the front is too goppy looking and I think it's time for Jaguar's management to stop diluting the F-type's image with cheap rip off's. the copy and paste just doesn't work. the handle bar in the centre console is just not necessary - I can't see a mum driving this so fast around a bend that a child or their partner will be scared shitless to want to reach and grab the handle. I can see SVO wanting a handle grip but again Jaguar...think things through properly!!

19 July 2017

Brilliant (space) packaging. Beats the XE, but with weight penalty. This makes me wonder about the 150bhp engine struggling with 4 on board... And forgive my ignorance, what is the actual purpose of the 360 degree grab handle??? And manual is only available on the 150bhp 2wd and 180bhp awd diesels.

Sporty looks married to sporty behaviour in a car that you can park anywhere and take 2 bikes in the back. Can't wait to try one out. Doubt they will ever sell anywhere near the quantities the 3 Germans will, so will appeal to the not-me-too crowd, which includes me.

Alfa, you watching this space?


24 August 2017

Hi has anyone been on the Jaguar build your car site yet, see roof rails are extra looks like all car makers are playing the same game now cant put one item on your car without having to add sun roof at £1000 extra ,why cant we spec the car we want how we want?. may I say I do like the E-pace it may not be perfect to everyones taste but then again no car is .one of my pet hates is every maker has now put sat nav as stantard I dont want sat nav dont use it also why does it cost £4000 plus for leather on the Jag .Does anyone know if the Jag comes with fresh air to face only like in the BMW X3 seems that most manufacturers have done away with this you cant have cool face and warm feet .still looking forward to testing the E-pace when it comes .

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