8 June 2016

Here’s something unusual: a Ferrari 308 GTB Group B rally car.

Ferrari road cars are something we know all about. Ferrari’s racing cars are more famous than anybody else’s, too. But a Ferrari rally car?

This Ferrari 308 GTB Group B rally car was developed in a time when rallying was wild and more exciting than at any other time in history.

Cars were incredibly rapid – too rapid to be safe, ultimately – and the Ferrari 308, although never officially sanctioned by the factory, enjoyed unofficial support.

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Fewer than half a dozen Group B 308s were built by Michelotto in Italy, while in the UK, rally driver and sports car specialist Tony Worswick developed his own version.

This is it, the very car he built when new and campaigned with great success.

We drive it at Cholmondeley Castle, home of the Cholmondeley Power and Speed, from 10-12 June 2016.


Tickets are available at cpop.co.uk, priced from £24 for adults and £7 for children. Autocar readers can get 20% off when using the code CPASAUTO.

Matt Prior

Matt Prior
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bowsersheepdog 21 June 2017

Sounds of the eighties

It does make a fabulous noise. Would have loved to have heard it on the overrun, lifting right off at high revs. Rallying was so much better in the eighties. I remember reading at the time that Ferrari were planning a four-wheel drive Group B rally version of the 288 GTO to take on the Porsche 959 on Paris-Dakar and similar events. That could have been epic. If there had been any truth in the articles, it was of course sadly ended by the Group B shutdown. The potentially even more extreme Group S was also lost.
david RS 11 June 2016

Golden age of rallyes !

Golden age of rallyes !