24 March 2017

Finally, the Bugatti Chiron review: the car we’ve been waiting for, aching for, yearning to arrive, is finally here.

With 1487bhp (1500hp) it’s set to become the fastest production car in the world, eclipsing Bugatti’s own Veyron Super Sport when it comes to its top speed. At the moment it’s limited to 261bhp but in 2018 Bugatti will remove the speed limiter and see just how fast the Chiron will go down its own test track, which has a five mile straight.

Meantime we’ve driven the Chiron and seen what this 8.0-litre, 16 cylinder, four-turbo, four-wheel drive, carbonfibre monster can do. Join us as we take to the wheel and marvel at the world of awesomeness it unleashes.

Bonus - watch the Chiron blast away from the start line at the Goodwood Festival of Speed:

Read our full review of the Bugatti Chiron here

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Peter Cavellini 4 April 2017

The final....frontier......,?

Well,maybe it should,to fast for ANY public road,thus it becomes an attraction,you pay your money and get a thrill ride down a runway somewhere,ultimately,anything faster WILL be a fairground ride,something that will sit in some millionaire Garage and be gawped at because it is too scary to drive fast.
gillmanjr 28 March 2017


The one comment I'm going to make that I haven't seen from anyone else: I love the way it looks, from every angle. It is MILES better looking than the Veyron, which I considered to be one of the ugliest supercars in the world. This thing is gorgeous.
brauhut 28 March 2017


Emissions, no KERS, high price, ... true. BUT the engineering work in this car is a masterpiece. Congrats, Bugatti to this fine car. Others might be almost as fast, but then they are stripped racers without leather everywhere, satnav, aircon, electr.seats,... Thumbs up!