1 March 2018

This one's simple: take one Audi RS3, and one BMW M2, and launch them both together at the same time to see which one is quicker.

Will it be the Audi RS3 saloon, all 395bhp and with all-wheel drive to propel it?

Or will it be the BMW M2? On the face of it, it has lesser advantages, being only two-wheel drive and having just 370bhp. But it is lighter.

And to compensate for the Audi's natural traction advantage, we'll try it both with launch control, and from a standing start.

Which, then, will be faster?

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bowsersheepdog 6 March 2018

It figures

Thethe stats list informs that the BMW's peak torque is available a couple of hundred revs lower, but it runs out 1750 revs before peak power, whereas the Audi gives peak torque all the way up to the point of peak power, which meant it was always going to be the likely winner of the rolling start also, in a race where the balance of outright numbers and weight was roughly equal.

Peter Cavellini 1 March 2018

Didn’t prove much.......!

The Audi was always going to have the BMW of the line, better traction alone, drag racing proved nothing, but on a twisty up and down Road course I think it would be much closer and I think the BMW offer the more exciting drive.......