26 April 2019

Two questions today, then: which car is faster - and which car is more fun?

Is it the new Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR, the touring-car inspired version of VW’s archetypal hot Golf?

Or is it the current benchmark big hatch, the Honda Civic Type R, which brings more than 300bhp to the track via its front wheels.

The Honda, we already know, is astonishingly capable. How focused is the Golf and can it compete with the Civic? Join us at Llandow circuit as we put the two sports hatches through their paces.


Race-inspired Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR gets 286bhp

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR review

Honda Civic Type R to be refreshed next year in hot hatch title defence

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Boris9119 28 April 2019

Agree With Matt

Watched the video and agree with Matt, Type R is the more thrilling 'does what it says on the label' vehicle. VW knows it's customers and knows there are plenty of die-hard GTI buyers who will lap this TCR up. Looks are subjective but I find it hard to accept the Type R profile and I am sure that alone makes the lesser GTI an overall more attractive ownership proposition to many.

jason_recliner 27 April 2019

VAG: The Union Carbide of Cars

I don't understand why anybody would give their money to one of the worst corporations in history.

abkq 27 April 2019

Because the VW group, across

Because the VW group, across several marques, managed to (or used to) significantly raise the standard of car design?
While the premium manufacturers (Mercedes and BMW) cheapen their products and image by chasing volume and market reach, VW does the opposite and gives mainstream products desirability and aesthetic excellence thanks to Ferdinand Piech.
Dieselgate involves a number of engineers and board members and should not be taken to represent VW as a whole.
MikeEssex 30 April 2019


Thats like saying All Nazis were just following orders , so u say NO One at VW had a conscience ? The company should be closed down, apparently they thought more could be achieved by poisoning the world as a whole than in gas chambers.....and people STILL support VW Audi and Skoda . Unbelieveable !!!!!

Boris9119 28 April 2019

Why is it one of the worst corporations in history?

Can you expand upon this statement jason with some detail?