25 February 2014

Porsche purists might not like it, but the Porsche Macan has already proved to be a smash hit. More than 50,000 have been sold already, which means there's a year-long waiting list. In the hysteria around the new model, it's easy to feel sorry for the Range Rover Evoque.

But when it comes to performance, ride and handling, even in the 46mpg S Diesel, the Macan is all over the Evoque. Steve Sutcliffe puts them both to the test.

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simonali 26 February 2014

Makes me laugh how cars like

Makes me laugh how cars like the Focus and Astra are berated for having button fest dashboards, but not a mention of it here...
Halfabee 26 February 2014

Different vehicles aimed at different customers

Evoque: highly capable off-road (proper mud-plugger, not just a bit of dirt road), 4-cylinder engine, a size smaller, fabulous style inside and out.
Macan: a size larger, better on the track, ugly on the outside, 6-cylinder engine, more buttons than Cadbury's on the inside - and, based on a quick run through the configurators, around £12k more expensive.

A bit like comparing apples and pears.

Porus 26 February 2014


I don't think LR have anything to worry about. They should stick to what has made them successful. With Jaguar becoming a great success, they will be able to offer a Jaguar SUV that is more sporty and less 'off-roadie!'