25 March 2022

What happens when you put the screaming 500-horsepower flat six engine from the latest Porsche 911 GT3 into Porsche's brilliant-handling mid-engined sports coupe, the 718 Cayman? With the launch of the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS, which comes to the UK market this spring, we've finally found out.

This is a real wild child of a two-seater from Porsche's Weissach-based GT department. It revs to 9000rpm; it'll accelerate to within touching distance of 200mph, with room enough to run into; it has proper motorsport-developed aerodynamics and adjustable track suspension; and it's the first Cayman ever to wear Michelin's very stickiest road-legal Pilot Cup 2 R tyres.

On the market from £108,370, this car is the fastest and most hardcore Cayman created so far in the car's seventeen-year, multi-model-generation history. Fully-loaded examples will cost in excess of £140,000; which begs the question, might this car be even better than the celebrated 911 GT3? Matt Saunders took to the track at Estoril, and its surrounding roads, to find out.

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Ravon 2 April 2022

The big issue which not a single written or video review that I can find has addressed, will this car get through the typical British Track Day noise test ? I was really shocked when my own GT4 failed the noise test at an MSV Day at Brands Hatch . I suspect the induction noise will totally scupper this car's use on track in standard form , let alone the exhaust noise.

Just Saying 26 March 2022
"Good luck in getting one."
- Why not make more then?