8 April 2021

Who makes the is the best luxurious 4x4? The just-revised 2021 Bentley Bentayga will think it's in with a shout. It received more than 1000 changes late last year and, equipped with a 4.0-litre V8 engine, has all the trappings of the ultimate luxury SUV. It costs £146,700, has lashings of leather and luxury equipment and makes 542bhp, giving it 4.4sec 0-62mph performance and a 180mph top speed.

The Range Rover, meanwhile, is the original blend of luxury and off-roader, and hasn't stopped excelling at both since its inception. This latest version, a D300 in Westminster trim as tested here, costs rather less than the Bentley but that doesn't make the comparison invalid. At £86,920 it's still an expensive car. Sure, it makes 296bhp so has a top speed of only 130mph and wants 7.4sec to go from 0-62mph. But maybe that's enough for an SUV? 

Let's find out. Matt Prior takes to the roads of England's home counties to find out which of these two cars suits them best.


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Bentayga 17 April 2021

We are lucky enough to own a RR SDV6 and have just bought a Bentayga. They really are very different vehicles. The Bentayga is a fast luxury SUV, the RR Diesel is a comfortable and inmpressive multi-purpose vehicle. I disagree with the opinon expressed on suitability to UK roads - the Bentayga is superb, with much less roll and more precise steering. So fast too!


Bob Cholmondeley 9 April 2021

Matt Prior: "If you want an SUV to be a road car, why not just buy a road car?"


Exactly, we all know most SUVs never go further off road than a supermarket car park.

Gerhard 9 April 2021

It is perfectly possible to specify a LWB Range Rover with all maner of luxuries, and still spend less than the Bentley -leaving enough over for a Mini Cooper S in which to tootle around.