3 October 2018

The 789bhp Senna is Mclaren's most extreme hypercar yet, a road-legal monster designed for smashing lap times on a track. It even shares a name with one of the company's most succesful racing drivers.

At £750,000, it's the most expensive model in McLaren's range (now that the P1 has been retired, at any rate) - but where does that leave the previous top-end model, the 720S? We're finding out in this four-part series.

In the first episode, we took both cars from 0-100mph and back again to see how the Senna performed in a straight line. Now it's time for a full track battle, as the Senna and 720S each set a lap time at the Anglesey circuit.

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McLaren Senna vs 720S | part one: 0-100mph-0 showdown

McLaren Senna: Full technical breakdown of 789bhp track hypercar

How to customise your McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna on track at Estoril

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3 October 2018

I recognise that I'm getting old, but do people really think these cars are attractive ? To my eyes they are hideous, certainly in photographs, although I did see a number together of the 720S variety at a track day at Silverstone and the wasted rear haunches look OK, but the ill fitting panels then become apparent, clearly a problem with front hatch panel gaping , and the horrible hinge detail on the roof. Pininfarina did a stunning job for Ferrari all those years ago with the 458, now in it's lightly modified 488 form it still looks fresh and stunning, in the mean time McLaren have produced many new shapes which have presumably cost vast amounts in tooling costs, and again for me each one less attractive than the original MP4/12C  ?

4 October 2018

You're correct.  The MP4/12C was the best looking and they've got progressively worse ever since.  Were I ever fortunate enough to be inn the market for such a car, I know that like 99.9% of drivers on the road I'm not talented enough to explore the differences between such machines, so I'd be buying on looks.  Keeping it moderately recent (this century) for me it'd be:

  1. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
  2. TVR Griffith (2002 SE with the neater rear lights)
  3. Audi R8 (orignal 2006 version)
  4. Lamborghini Huracan (base model without the black aero bits on the side which ruin the look)
  5. Porsche Cayman (original 2005 model - I know it's not really in the same bracket, but this is my list, so ner)
  6. McLaren MP4/12C

3 October 2018

Plan A: upgrade the tyres on the 720, halve the lap gap and pocket £450,000.  Plan B: buy a 600LT, measure lap in laughs not seconds and pocket $550,000.  Plan C, buy a Pista, forget about circuits, park it in Monaco and stand around looking fabulous in your Ferrari shoes, shades and everything in between. 

3 October 2018

Predictable result but again the gap is not huge considering the track is the Senna's raison detre. I wonder however how would the new 600LT (one with all possible options) fare compared to these two. Would probably beat the 720 and give the Senna a good run for its money.

4 October 2018

Now will everybody stop saying that the Senna isn't much better than the 720?  I love both but, come on, the Senna is a LOT faster than an already crazy fast and capable car!

4 October 2018

I think both cars look sensational, and much more exciting than a 458 or 488.  It's very subjective, obviously.

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