3 October 2018

The 789bhp Senna is Mclaren's most extreme hypercar yet, a road-legal monster designed for smashing lap times on a track. It even shares a name with one of the company's most succesful racing drivers.

At £750,000, it's the most expensive model in McLaren's range (now that the P1 has been retired, at any rate) - but where does that leave the previous top-end model, the McLaren 720S? We're finding out in this four-part series.

In the first episode, we took both cars from 0-100mph and back again to see how the Senna performed in a straight line. Now it's time for a full track battle, as the Senna and 720S each set a lap time at the Anglesey circuit.

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jason_recliner 4 October 2018

@ Ravon

I think both cars look sensational, and much more exciting than a 458 or 488.  It's very subjective, obviously.

jason_recliner 4 October 2018

Holy Cow!

Now will everybody stop saying that the Senna isn't much better than the 720?  I love both but, come on, the Senna is a LOT faster than an already crazy fast and capable car!

Ofir 3 October 2018


Predictable result but again the gap is not huge considering the track is the Senna's raison detre. I wonder however how would the new 600LT (one with all possible options) fare compared to these two. Would probably beat the 720 and give the Senna a good run for its money.