24 September 2018

The McLaren Senna is the most extreme machine to come out of Woking yet: a 789bhp track hypercar that can be driven on the road, and takes its name from one of the company's greatest ever racing drivers.

It sits at the very top of McLaren's range, knocking the 720S down into second place. But just how much of a step forward is the Senna over the 720S? We're going to find out in this four-part series.

We'll be pitting the pair againt each other in a track battle to set the best lap time, deciding which has the greatest soundtrack, and deciding which one is more fun to drive. But first: a drag race.

To see how far the Senna moves things on in terms of acceleration and braking, we take both cars from 0-100mph and back again.

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McLaren Senna: Full technical breakdown of 789bhp track hypercar

How to customise your McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna on track at Estoril

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24 September 2018

  Half a second, that’s all,probably just as much fun for a lot lot less?, I think so, if you’ve got the money and want at the Pub, Club bragging rights have the Senna (there all sold by the way), would the “Senna” sold without F1 greatest name on it?....yes, yes it probably would......

24 September 2018

Hey Peter Captain Obvious Spam Your Name Everywhere Cavellini, that almost made sense.

24 September 2018

 Luap@, Light On Spelling Easily Regrets.....?, you work it out..

24 September 2018

Goes to show beyond a certain point more is invariably less. The LT version of the 720S ie the removal of about 100kg from it should close the gap. Of course the Senna will prove faster on track as that is the point of it with all that aero trickery but that matters only on theoretical level or indeed down the pub.

25 September 2018

I agree with the less is more comment; for road use, surely the 540 is more than adequate? 10 second 0-124mph is quick enough for me anyway.

1 October 2018
To all intents and purposes the same car. Except that one is biblically ugly.

2 October 2018

aer sereg aerg aer gaere

2 October 2018

very over rated.

2 October 2018

adegfvaervgaerfafefba Yah de yah de yah.

Why won't this stupid website take my real message but keep on saying 'Error 403'?

2 October 2018
Let's see now, pay best part of $1million for a mclaren or a fraction of that for a car that is faster with superb handling?
The Ultima EVO outperforms any mclaren, indeed any so called 'supercar'. And yet aficionados rave on about Ferraris, Porsches etc. as if they represent some sort of Holy Grail of fast cars. These cars succeed, or are at least purchased, because people are inspired and/or persuaded by small minded perceptions. Cost is everything; got to pay a fortune and have the right badge on the nose, prancing horse or whatever.
Seems that some petrol heads have little idaea of cost benefit analysis, 'Bang for Buck'.


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