15 December 2020

The newest Ford Mustang is here - and it's not a V8-powered muscle car any more.

This high-rise, four-door crossover hatchback swaps combustion power for electric motors and a battery big enough for 379 miles of range, or enough to seriously rival any current Tesla. It's also more than a Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes EQC, Audi E-Tron or Polestar 2 can manage on a single charge.

Factor in some pony car-inspired design elements, a sprightly 0-62mph time of just 5.1sec, and a £57,980 asking price, and it certainly looks promising on paper. But is all that enough to make it a must-have EV?

Matt Saunders gets behind the wheel on UK roads, ahead of the car's public launch, to see whether the Mach-E can live up to the Mustang name.


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Dbah 16 December 2020
It’s not a mustang , and it never will be . That’s it.
Bimfan 16 December 2020

I wish they hadn't called it a Mustang. That is polluting the long history of that muscle car for no good reason. Just the Mach e would have been better.

However, but for the name, I would have tried one of these for my next car.

Why the current obsession with dark roof liners? They make the cabin so oppressive and dull and now everyone from Ferrari to Volvo to Skoda have them, they no longer convey 'sportiness', just drab uniformity.