10 November 2021

The Ferrari 812 Competizione is one of Ferrari's special edition variants of its big V12 super GT car. The regular 812 Superfast is, well, super and fast, but this adds 30bhp and a whole raft of equipment to make it even more special.

The big 6.5-litre V12 revs more highly, for a start - to 9500rpm. It brings spectacular performance - 0-62mph in 2.9sec and a top speed of 211mph (more technical data below). That engine needs more cooling so more cooling it gets, via a bigger grille at the front and bigger vents including those around the strap that runs across the bonnet.

Behind the cabin there is an opaque deck with vortex-inducing carbon fibre fins to make the most of the rear spoiler that runs the entire width of the car, while the exhausts now run straight through to the very edges of the car too which gives more under-body room for a massive diffuser.

The Competizione wears massive front tyres and the suspension has been tweaked to compensate for its dizzying agility, including the latest-generation of Ferrari's active rear steer system, which can allow the rear tyres to toe-in under braking, enhancing stability.

Only 999 examples of the 812 Competizione coupe will be produced - with 599 convertible Apertas following later. Join Autocar's Matt Prior as he tests the car at Ferrari's Fiorano test track.

Ferrari 812 Competizione technical specifications

Price £446,970 Engine V12, 6496cc, petrol Power 819bhp at 9250rpm Torque 510lb ft at 7000rpm Gearbox 7-spd twin clutch auto Kerb weight 1487kg (dry, 1700kg est fuelled) 0-62mph 2.9sec Top speed 211mph

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