10 August 2018

The BMW M5 is typically the benchmark big German superslaoon. Its twin-turbocharged engine makes all but 600bhp these days, and drives all four wheels of the hottest BMW 5-Series, to make it a crushingly capable sedan.

But, as Yoda once said: there is another. Alpina is an independent manufacturer and valued customer of BMW, and as soon as an M-car is on the horizon, so too is the Alpina version. This is the B5, equal on power with the M5 and also employing four-wheel drive, but with a very different, rather smoother and more discreet way of going about, ultimately, the same job.

Which is the best at it? We head to the overcast roads of Wales to find which of these two out-ubers the other.

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harryjames 1 May 2019

BMW M5 vs. Alpina B5

My best car chose and like with intrest....https://www.driversin.com

bowsersheepdog 17 August 2018

Hundred grand?

Fuck that.  just rent one from Sixt for forty-nine quid.

jer 14 August 2018

Great tech fest cars

But I just don't see the point. Also why does Matt refer to good motorway cars when sister publication says they are 73db at 70 mph which is pretty noisy. 2 tonnes of car as he says is just not sporty. I suppose the drag race element is funny and all the settings but you'd spend your 105k on a sports car or a 530d touring or both if it was me. The M5 will also be a money pit for depreciation.

Flatcap chap 25 July 2020

The point is there is a

The point is there is a market for them and people buy them, and depreciate they do :)