25 April 2014

BMW's new M5 Competition Pack ramps up the potential of its high-performance saloon, but can it beat the muscular Vauxhall VXR8 at going sideways? Steve Sutcliffe takes both to the track to find out.

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26 April 2014
This guy lives in a world of his own. No one does this on public roads...550+ horsepower or not. Getting it sideways isn't a major requirement when purchasing a car...super sedan or otherwise.

26 April 2014
Would you feel your driving second best.....?,if that thought did roam across your mind,wait a few years and look for a good,well cared for(?) M5,yes, if you went and bought a VXR it's value will drop just like any other mainstream Bread n' Butter saloon,that's what Sutters was getting at, it just isn't that special,really cheap for what you get,but,just not all that.

26 April 2014
I've owned both an M5 (V10) and now own an HSV GTS (VXR) and, of course, they're not the same. The transmission in the GTS is far superior (I've no idea what a late model M5 is like, I don't have $300 000 to find out). I'm quite happy with my $80 000 HSV. As quick as you need, much nicer interior in the Holden (all real leather and suede). You guys get a used M5 by all means, but a brand new VXR is vastly superior and won't ever go wrong. I've owned used BMW's and good luck with the repair costs, I never had any..... And my car has remote start, so you can run the air con with the car locked so it cools down before you get in it, Try asking for that option on a BMW.

27 April 2014

To begin with,if you live in a climate where by nine in the morning it's 22C then yes and auto function to cool the car down would be great,but,getting in and the air con comes on, the car's cool in 5-10 mins,so, that function isn't worth the dosh,manual boxes on the way out....?, yes, i think so,and from what Sutters says, the clutch is heavy and the steering is man size!,no,and again i'm quoting Sutters opinion,the M5 is worth the extra,because it is just so alive,when he drove the VXR it sounded like he was driving a Limo!, it was so quite,even when ragging it round corners!,the M5?,it gets your juices going!, great sound too!.As for costs,well, if you can afford to buy one, you can afford the bills,if your Garage doesn't do a great job or charges like an Elephant,then go to another Garage or go to an independent, the M5......my choice.

28 April 2014
22 degrees by 9am? What is this, spring?
Try 30 degrees by 830am, and that is about midway up the east cost of Australia. Guess it would be even worse up North.

27 April 2014
The M5's just plain boring. It doesn't make a very nice noise and is about as interesting as a day trip to Dundee. The E63AMG does everything better, and on top of that it's desirable. And sounds incredible! Something you can't say about the M5. It even comes as an estate!

29 April 2014
I'm sorry but I can't take his review seriously at all.
Yes, he states the M5 is better and you can tell where the money has gone and its in a completely different dimension and blah blah blah.

THE VXR8 IS THIRTY FLIPPIN' GRAND CHEAPER. That isn't simply "quite a bit more" - thats an Astra GTC VXR on top of the price and he completely seems to forget about that after 30 seconds.

4 May 2014
"BMW adds speed to its legendary super saloon, but fails to add value or address the M5's biggest shortcomings"

"A standard M5 is a very fast car. An M5 Competition Pack variant ought to be an even faster, even better one – and while it may be the former, it’s not obviously the latter.

The more involving Mercedes E63 AMG S would definitely figure more highly on our shopping list and – if the idea doesn’t offend you – even a Vauxhall VXR8 GTS offers more charm and driver reward."

not my words, those which open and close the first drive review of the m5 competition pack on this very site. as reviews normally seem to be team efforts does this mean sutters is on his own with this one?

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