25 April 2014

BMW's new M5 Competition Pack ramps up the potential of its high-performance saloon, but can it beat the muscular Vauxhall VXR8 at going sideways? Steve Sutcliffe takes both to the track to find out.

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bowsersheepdog 4 May 2014

split decision

"BMW adds speed to its legendary super saloon, but fails to add value or address the M5's biggest shortcomings"

"A standard M5 is a very fast car. An M5 Competition Pack variant ought to be an even faster, even better one – and while it may be the former, it’s not obviously the latter.

The more involving Mercedes E63 AMG S would definitely figure more highly on our shopping list and – if the idea doesn’t offend you – even a Vauxhall VXR8 GTS offers more charm and driver reward."

not my words, those which open and close the first drive review of the m5 competition pack on this very site. as reviews normally seem to be team efforts does this mean sutters is on his own with this one?

benanderson89 29 April 2014

Large price gap

I'm sorry but I can't take his review seriously at all.
Yes, he states the M5 is better and you can tell where the money has gone and its in a completely different dimension and blah blah blah.

THE VXR8 IS THIRTY FLIPPIN' GRAND CHEAPER. That isn't simply "quite a bit more" - thats an Astra GTC VXR on top of the price and he completely seems to forget about that after 30 seconds.

Motormouths 27 April 2014

The M5's just plain boring.

The M5's just plain boring. It doesn't make a very nice noise and is about as interesting as a day trip to Dundee. The E63AMG does everything better, and on top of that it's desirable. And sounds incredible! Something you can't say about the M5. It even comes as an estate!