13 March 2019

The second-generation Evoque is an evolutionary update that Land Rover says is even more deserving of the Range Rover badge than its style-conscious predecessor. Upgraded interior technology and styling that makes it look like a baby Velar certainly back up that claim - but what is the new Evoque like to drive?

Matt Saunders went to Greece to put the car through its paces, both on- and off-road, to see if it can rival the likes of Audi's Q2 and the Volvo XC40.


Range Rover Evoque 2019 review

2019 Range Rover Evoque revealed with new tech and mild-hybrid powertrain

2019 Range Rover Evoque: off-road first drive of new SUV

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13 March 2019
The Honda will not go wrong and no one will assume you are an estate agent....

13 March 2019

Come on now Autocar. This is embarrassing.

’All new Premium Transverse Architecture’? It isn’t and you know it - it’s a further development of the E Pace platform, which is itself a development of the Evoque platform, which was a heavily modified Freelander platform, which originally came from Ford...

The weight gain betrays it. There is no way that this, ahem, ‘all new’ car should be heavier than a Velar, but this is where they are. 


13 March 2019

After having bought three Hondas from new, I'd have agreed with you after the first two but no.3 proved to be the most unreliable car I've ever bought. Honda were good at providing an alternative car whilst my car lay in they garage ( 13 weeks in total ) but they failed to resolve the problem. Their 'trial and error' approach to fault finding came to a head when the car was parked up during a storm, two windows decided to lower themselves thus I came back to a flooded car. And then I find out my car was built in Mexico where Honda had many production issues (production of EU models now been moved back to Japan). So you're statement of them not going wrong is in itself wrong.

Honda were useless at resolving the issue nor they weren't interested in me contributing to a replacement car, their solution was to keep fixing it until the warranty ran out. I sold the car after 14mths - will never walk in to a Honda dealership again.

The tables may have Honda well above JLR ( let's face it, most manufacturers are above JLR ), but I'd take an Evoque anyday over a Honda.

13 March 2019

You've done that 'joke' already today.

13 March 2019

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14 March 2019

If you want sportier handling, there's always the E-Pace.... although this is supposedly a newere platform.

14 March 2019

I don't know where to start. The review (as well as the written one in the mag) feels as if you've been blinded by a) the press release and b) the bling. Yes it's good looking and yes it's got a lovely interior and plennty of tech but what about the issues?

Economy? Very poor. At a time when the industry is meant to be moving this on? The fact that the mild hybrid tech doesn't work has been brushed gently under the carpet.

Weight? Heavier than a similar sized Lexus with more batteries and motors. OK, this was mentioned but no starts appear to have been deducted.

Actual quality and integrity? The odd bit of wobbly trim on a £40k car? 

And then....what does JLR's consistently poor showing in the faults and reliability tables say about the engineering integrity? Not even a mention. No doubt a journo will say "I can only talk about what's in front of me". Well that's not being a proper journo is it? What about digging into the possibility that this car could be all fur coat and no knickers in terms of quality? The track record of the products from JLR is woeful. I know, I'm about to dispose of my last one and go Japanese. 

But then, I guess as long as it fulfils the image, status anxiety and bling brief, what does any of this matter?

19 March 2019
Westlife on the stereo? Really?
There's no need for that. Ever.

4 May 2019

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15 May 2019
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